Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Beginning to Look......

While the "cat" was away this past week the "mouse" did play...I managed to decorate our home for the holidays. I must confess that I did not put out even 1/3 of what we have, must be getting old or just plain lazy. Looks good to me. This tour starts in the entryway (if you follow this blog this piece of furniture will look familiar...but I swear I changed it up a little this year).
I think we bought this house just so I could decorate the stairway...I love it. This year I did this portion of the decorating in record time...a couple of hours before our Holiday Open House. Then I had to add the Star and box with door knobs and all after viewing a holiday blog tour of homes.
Just a few from our Nativity collection were placed in the bookcase. I found the vintage pop-up paper one on the trip to Houston for the International Quilt Festival in 2010...I forgot I had it last year, so it is making it's first appearance. We try to stop and check out a couple of antique shops along our drive, amazing what the "young one" will do to make sure I keep moving and/or driving. She says she has no patience, but I beg to differ with her.
After our Holiday Open House was cleaned away, I created a dining room for the special holiday meals in the space, with my grandson telling me this morning that it "looks cute". Guess that was a resounding stamp of approval.
This last room tonight is just a little glimpse of the kitchen. These were the only spots that were clean after family breakfast today.
Tomorrow I will post a few more pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

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