Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look, Part 2....

I liked the placement of the Christmas tree so much last year, that I repeated it's placement this year. The quilt behind it is called "Winter's Blanket" and is part of a Bargello style series I did about my home state of Minnesota. I think it goes great with the holiday decor.
This is a sampling of the ornaments on the tree; the top 2 are the newest additions to my Santa collection. Thank you for my special gifts. The bottom 2; well you move a Midwestern girl to the South and this is what happens...corn cobs and cotton bolls find there way onto the tree....somewhere on here there is even a "Okra"Santa.

The stockings are all hung.....I know there are 5 and none of these coordinate but I'm a "bit" sentimental when it comes to the holidays and it just wouldn't be Christmas without my childhood stocking or my husbands, so...that's how it will always be.

I collect Santa Clauses! This is no accident, someone began this collection years ago, the Santa below was my first and I cannot even tell you how old I was, cause I've "always" had it. It still works and when I take him out I know it's holiday time!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


PrimaD22 said...

Where were the sheep?

Fiber on a Whim said...

She conveniently left them in the box so we couldn't mess with her set up!!