Thursday, January 27, 2011

Woohoo.....Teaching at AQS Knoxville in July!!!

Woohoo.....we got asked to teach a class at AQS Knoxville in July!!! The class is on Thursday July 14th from 1-4PM and will be taught by Kristin Rodriguez. The class is titled Fabric and Paper Mixed Media Collage. Catalogs are being finalized now and should be mailed out shortly by AQS.
Here's the class:

Don't we all need instant gratification? While in the midst of all those large quilting projects sometimes we just need to feel like we've accomplished something. Collages are the perfect way to get that sense of completion to keep you moving. In this workshop, you will work with both fabric and paper. You will create two 5 x 7" collages. One will be fabric based and the other will be on a watercolor paper background that you create yourself. You will also create four ATCs that you may choose to swap at the end of class. This class uses TAP, Misty-fuse, cheesecloth, painting, stamping, scrapbooking products, embellishments, ephemera, and more!!!

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