Monday, June 8, 2009

Recent Projects

We haven't posted any of our work in a long time. This is some of the things I've done this year. It is not much and most are not all the way complete but that's typical right?

I made wedding invitations for a friend of mine as her gift. Lol.....that was an experience. I had a lot of fun making them and she absolutely loved them which is the best part. Hand tying 100 bows and making them all similar was a riot!

Here's one of the quilts that I pieced. It is a pattern out of a Quilts and More magazine.

All the fabrics are Art Gallery Quilt fabrics. This was the first time I'd ever worked with them and I have to say that the fabric is incredible!! The quality of them is so high. The fabrics had almost no shrinkage or bleeding. The pattern called for 3/4yd of many of the pieces and I only had 1/2yds. I lost less then a quarter of an inch with washing and drying. That is almost unheard of. I highly recommend working with these fabrics!

This is another quilt top I'm in the middle of pieceing. I'll add some borders to it but don't know what quite yet!

I made this apron in Florida so that I could do some painting and dyeing at the retreat. This fabric was awesome as it hid all of the dye and paint that got on it somehow. I want to add a button to the middle of the flower.

This purse was made from a kit. I liked the pattern but hated working with the fabrics that were in kit. Oh came out cool.

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