Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Celebration and other photos!

Well our birthday party has now rolled to a close. How sad.......... here are some photos of what we had been up to.

This is the main door prize. Ticket #805713 won. As far as I can tell it was an in house purchase so check your tickets and give us a call 404-705-9164.

Here were some of our mini door prizes. These were what we pulled from the most recent Cloth Paper Scissors and man were they fun to make!!!

Here's what little bit of the round robin is completed. It still needs more stuff on it so we might just leave it out for a couple more days.

Also here is a finished photo of the doll mom was working on on Labor Day. The previous photo was an in progress one. This doll was inspired by an article in Stampington & Company's Handcrafted Vol. 4 by Penny Collins "Cheetah". Mom had a lot of fun with the feathers can you tell? I think she had originally had the vase prepared to donate then saw the article and ran to the garage to dig through the box to find it. Never thought I'd hear her tell my dad how thankful she was he "didn't" do what she'd asked!!

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