Monday, June 9, 2008

BRA Auction Just 1 Week Away

Hi everyone!!! We are still accepting donated pieces for the BRA Auction so keep on making them!!

As promised here is how the Brazenly Radiant Art Auction is going to work. All pieces will be posted online for preview on June 15th. You will find them on the gallery page of our website We will accept bid emails starting at 10AM EST on June 16th. Please wait till you receive a confirmation email from us that you won the piece before making your minimum $40 donation to It's the Journey/Atlanta 2-Day. The link to make the donation will be on the gallery page of our website along with in the confirmation email. You can also make a donation by check and you can request those instructions when you make the email bid. Remember these are going to be on display in house as well. The piece will go to the first person that bids on it whether it is in house or online. We will make sure to keep the page as up to the minute as possible. We have many great pieces and are eagerly looking forward to raising funds for this great cause.

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