Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jan off for SAQA

Well Jan headed off today for the SAQA conference in Athens, OH all prepared for her drive with 3 audio books!! She is so excited about going again as it has been years since her last visit. She was also all revved up to see that the Lunn Studio was going to be open this weekend in honor of Quilt National and the conference. The last time she went I met up with her there and I bought a bag of scraps. At the time I wasn't sewing nor did I have any idea what I'd do with all those strips. Now I love that bag and it is my little bag of "endless surprise". Although there will come an end to it so I told her to make sure if she goes she has to see if they have any scrap bags like that again!!

I hope that all those who are going have a great time, learn a lot, and see a bunch of wonderful art.

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