Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Take a Peak at a New Project...

This piece was started while we were the Artist's in Residence in Paducah, KY.  I layed out all the fabrics, pinned them in place, put it up on the wall to contemplate the overall look.  After making a couple of minor changes I basted everything in place and then......I was stuck.  Admission, sometimes my "vision" of how I want a piece to look gets in MY way.  We traveled to Denver next, I pulled it out a couple of times, then we traveled home...still no stitching, then on the eve of flying to market I pulled it out.
Something just clicked, out came my stash of miscellaneous fibers, my trusty needle felting tool and things flew including us to Portland, OR.  On the plane I added embroidery on the texture portion while dear daughter stitched the facing on the quilted mat that I was going to mount it on.
Well the plane trip just wasn't long enough to finish all the embroidery I had envisioned and we needed to put together our booth.  Honestly I have never hung anything not finished before, but I really liked where the piece is headed so rather than rush it and not be happy with the outcome it was time to just call "uncle". 

Come back and check on my progress.  I promise to post photo's as I add more stitching and fibers....and a surprise or two...or three.

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