Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nothing Like a Little Improvisational Creativity!

Have you ever been away from your home studio...such as a retreat or class and found yourself without all your "stuff" what do you do?  Well Kristin found herself improvising  while we were the Artists in Residence at A.I.R. Studio in Paducah, KY, in order to create new booth samples she had to come up with ways to implement her visions. 
She had been talking about using our hand-dyed cheesecloth to create trees, but was struggling with the background.  That's when she decided to use a piece of our organdy in the  Dulce de Leche colorway, but wanted the surface to have a bit more texture/movement.  After searching for a piece of sponge to apply some paint to the fabric, I found her painting the dyed fabric with a piece of "wadded" up paper towel.  It really gave the background the punch it needed.   Next came the darker smaller sized trees in two different colors and finally the cheesecloth strips.  After putting it up on the design wall to view it, she decided the darkest brown were to stark and needed to be toned out came the thread in a couple of colors and there she was "hand stitching".  Kristin never does hand work.....
Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.....if you are sharing a machine or spending hours riding in a car (from Paducah to Denver) it's a no brainer...hand work it is.  Her vision had been to create birch trees...I think she did that.

Come back again to see what else we created to show how to use our yummy hand-dyed fibers....someone said they look yummy enough to be candy...eye candy that is.

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