Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prep work for Houston Part II

Finally making that cool Faux Leather Journal that Sue Bleiweiss had in Cloth Paper Scissors a year ago. This has been so much easier then I imagined. This is to highlight both the Golden Fluid Acrylic we carry as well as the Grungeboard. Both can be found at www.fiberonawhim.com

We also are waiting for the arrival of Adirondack Color Wash which can be used on fabric, paper and other fibers. Here's what I was playing with on the piece of fabric below.

The Lettuce Green was put on while for fabric was totally dry and a wet paintbrush was used to move around the color. The Stream color on the bottom was applied to the fabric after it was wet. Then a wet paintbrush was used to fill in the white portions.

Then I used the Color Wash on a canvas. I applied the color and let it dry. Then I applied the 7 Gypsies tissue paper, coming soon, over the top. Now to add some dimensional bits to it.

These tags are in process and will be used on a piece but the are also spritzed with the Adirondack Color Wash.

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