Friday, December 17, 2010

Peek at our Christmas Touches

Season's Greetings!
Thought I'd let ya'll have a peak at our home decorations. I have been collecting Christmas decorations for years, some people say I have way too much....maybe I do and maybe I don't....kind of like a fabric stash you just never know what you will need. Notice the just knew I'd relate this to "fiber" somehow, didn't you. This is "Winters Blanket", part of my Minnesota series. Every few years I get nostalgic, make a quilt to honor where I grew up and then come to my senses...and remember how cold and long the winter's were. Still love to visit but after the Fourth of July. The skates were actually Kristins when she was little.
Found this Santa at a craft show in 1991, he's by Boardwalk Originals. This year he's standing guard on the hearth in the family room.
Our entry is 2 stories, every year I decorate the stairway and then the space looks unbalanced ...not finished. So this year I went vertical....well as much as I dared cause I have a teeny tiny fear of heights.

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