Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brazenly Radiant Art Auction

The artwork is finally in!! This is the preview for the Brazenly Radiant Art Auction for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for breast cancer. Bidding on these 5 x 7" pieces will open on August 13th at 10AM EST and be open till August 14th 5PM EST. Bids will be $30, unless otherwise stated, for each item. Email us at with the number of the piece/s you wish to acquire. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to make your donation. Please remember this is a tax deductible donation. Thanks so much for checking out the artwork and keep an eye out for the possibility of an additional piece or two before the opening of the auction this Friday.
The Traveler (Acquired) by Kristin Rodriguez

#2 The Gull by Janelle Girod

Family Stories II (Acquired) by Janelle Girod

#4 Home is Where the Heart Is by Judy Momenzadeh

#5 Roses are Red by Kristin Rodriguez

#6 Queen for a Day by Kristin Rodriguez

(Acquired) Silk Garden by Janelle Girod

#8 Moments by Kristin Rodriguez

#9 Daisy by Kristin Rodriguez

#10 Days Gone By by Kristin Rodriguez

#11 Untitled by Kristin Rodriguez

#12 Frog Necklace 23" by Karla Stuber ($40 donation requested)

Watercolor painting (Acquired) by Barbara Flexner

#14 Untitled by Kristin Rodriguez

#15 Leaf II by Kristin Rodriguez

#16 Necklace 18" by Karla Stuber ($40 donation requested)

#17 Going in Circles II by Janelle Girod

#18 Flower Garden by Kristin Rodriguez

#19 Tough Necklace 20" by Karla Stuber

Silk Garden II (Acquired) by Janelle Girod

#21 Calla Lily by Kristin Rodriguez

#22 Star Flower by Kristin Rodriguez

#23 Untitled by Pamela Walker

#24 Untitled by Sylvia Weir

#25 Going in Circles I by Janelle Girod

#26 Cherry Quartz Necklace & Earrings 19" by Karla Stuber ($40 donation requested)

#27 Flora by Pamela Walker

#28 Fabric Bracelet 8" Sherrie Tootle

#29 Life is Good by Heather Lair

Bamboo (Acquired) by Kristin Rodriguez

(Acquired) Untitled by Sylvia Weir

#32 Simply Believe by Kristin Rodriguez

#33 Glitterati II by Dale Ashera-Davis
Untitled (Aquired) by Kristin Rodriguez

(Acquired) Breast Armour by Virginia Greaves

#36 Open a New Door by Karla Stuber

#37 Untitled by Pamela Walker

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