Thursday, October 15, 2009

Houston 2009 Day #1

I've finally gotten a moment to blog about Houston. It is the end of day #1 and Festival is going strong! We are having fun visiting with everyone! One year can be an eternity but somehow it feels like you just saw the person the other day. Here are a few photos that we've snapped since the beginning.

Set up day brings a bunch of people to a queue of sorts waiting to get in to unload. Here is a pic of all of us waiting.

Unfortunately there was so much rain on Monday that it created mud pits where we were waiting!!

Here is a pic of our booth one set up was complete.

My first Make It University was on preview night and here is a pic during the middle of the class.

Here is a pic of Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts doing her MIU class this morning.

Here is Jane Davila upon realizing she couldn't find a very important key that she
needed in order to ring up sales!!!

Here she is much happier prepping for her MIU class.

This is Cara Gulati of Doodlepress enjoying her day of shopping.

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