Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year and New Things

It's a new year and I can't believe this is my first post!!! I kept meaning to post and show what we've been working on but let's be honest it hasn't been much!! Hopefully we'll turn that attitude around shortly.

Well guys I wanted to post pics in here but for some reason they are not uploading. I made up a couple of kits that I bought from Sue Spargo using her beautifully dyed wool. Can't figure out why the system doesn't like the photos though. Oh well......I'm using a new camera as my memory card split in two and I haven't gotten a new one yet. Guess I'll need to run out and get it since this other camera is giving me such a hard time.

We have spent the past couple of days talking and working up the online class bit so expect to see something announced in not too long. Hopefully we'll work on some other stuff soon and I'll have a camera that won't hinder me from uploading pics!!!!

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