Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Chaos!!!

We've been trying our best to get everything organized and ready to go to Houston in a week!! We're testing out all the new product we're getting in and trying to get models ready to show. Today has been a fun day of play!!

I made this the other day out of Joel Dewberry fabric and following an Indygo Junction pattern.

Look at our mess of boxes of inventory! Can't even get to the radio right now to listen to some music.

Look at all our lovely clutter!! Should have it out of the upstairs tomorrow!

Karla's been playing with the new Glimmer Mist that just came in. These are all the tags to show all the colors.

This was Jan's project. Mixing a whole bunch of beads.
Hopefully should have some more pics shortly. Will also try my best to take photos during Houston and post them daily!!

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