Friday, September 28, 2007

Hope Show comes Down :( & Journal Quilts Shipped

Well the end of the month has arrived. The Hope Exhibit at The Art Place was taken down this morning. It was a huge success though. One piece sold that was absolutely gorgeous......Congrats to Hellenne. I think most of us are saddened though that it sold as we all would have loved to buy it!

Rebecca also made arrangements for another show to be held at The Art Place next year. So now will come the time to start thinking about that but first we'll all have to come up with a theme.

Mom and I mailed off our Journal Quilts a couple of days ago and they arrived safe and sound. We are very excited to be done with them as now we've started prepping for everything else Houston. Hopefully we'll get a moment to run over and check them out at some point during the festival. I'll post more about our trip for vending in a few days. We already have lots of where our booth is located......what we are going to be teaching/demoing........and maybe a few other things up our sleeves. Check back for all that.

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